• Chamber Rewards Program

  • We are so excited to launch our Chamber Rewards program as of January 2018! The idea of this program is for our members to provide a unique discount to other members to increase awareness of products and services and overall grow our member businesses. If you would like to participate and offer a discount to market your member business, please contact us! karen.logan@loganchamber.com

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  • Instructions Members Receive with Their Cards...

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  • Chamber Rewards Discount List

    1. Air Evac Lifeteam: $10 Off Household Membership on Annual Dues. Discount on 3, 5 & 10 Year Dues too!
    2. Christian Care at Home: Free Weekly Medicine Planner with Any Doctor Prescribed Home Healthcare Service
    3. Cornerstone Information Systems: FREE (Up to 2 Hrs) On-Site Evaluation for New Customers
    4. Valley Barn Builders of KY: $100 OFF a Building Purchase

    The list is growing! Would you like for your business to be a part of this program? Give us a call now with your unique Chamber member to member discount.