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    Cornelius Farms

    We are in one of the best viewing areas for the August 21,2017 solar eclipse. We 25 minutes from Hopkinsville driving time and we are 10 minutes from Russellville driving time. We will be renting land as follows:

    Cash Only:
    20' x 30' - $100 Aug. 19, Aug. 20 & Aug. 21,2017.
    $35 per night if you are only here for one or two nights. Space use: Tent & vehicle.

    20' x 45' - $200 Aug. 19, Aug. 20 & Aug. 21,2017.
    $75 per night if you are only here for one or two nights Space use: RV, vehicles & tents.

    1 acre $1,000 Aug. 19, Aug. 20 & Aug. 21,2017. 

    1/2 acre $500 Aug. 19, Aug. 20 & Aug. 21,2017.

    #1 viewing area: GPS-36.871636.-87.041821
    via KY -178W/Highlandlick Rd. 7.4 miles from R Russellville, KY on the left. 
    87 degrees, 2 Seconds, 9.33 Minutes West
    36 degrees, 52 Seconds, 18.43 Minutes North. 
    This location is next to the road on Highlandlick at the entrance of the farm.
    Private area will be provided for anyone with equipment or any news people who would like to come.

    #2 viewing area: GPS 36.877987.-87.046971
    via Ky-178W/Highlandlick Rd. 9.7 miles from Russellville, KY on the right.

    #3 viewing area: GPS 36.901670.-87.024226.
    976 Green Ridge Spa Rd. Lewisburg, KY

    Day of Eclipse - Vehicle space rental $20.
    ort a potties will be on all sites. We will be selling water, cold sodas, and glasses for the event. Possible food vendors will be available.



    Contact: Jeff and Candice

    Phone number: 270-977-0999 OR 270-755-2475


    Call for Rental Prices


  • Eclipse Vineyard Viewing Party

    August 21 

    12:00 pm - 6:00pm 

    Carriage House Vineyards

    259 Longview Lane

    Auburn, KY 42206

    contact information:  Don Davis

    phone number: 270-847-1519



  • Eclipse Adairville Style- Viewing Party

    August 21 from noon until 3:00 pm

    Adairville Community Park

    Items for sale:  viewing glasses, hot dogs, drinks, and popcorn

    Activities and other entertainment planned for the event

    Contact City Hall for more details (270) 539-6731



  • McCutchen-Coke Municipal Park in Auburn, KY has 18 sites available for RV camping! Water & electric are available. There is a sewage dump to empty tanks but no hook-ups. $15 per day! Call Auburn City Hall at (270) 542-4149, ext. 201 or 202. http://auburnky.us/auburn-park/

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    Glow in the dark T-SHIRTS and VIEWING GLASSES!

    For Sale at the Logan County Chamber or Tourism Offices

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  • Logan County Public Library

    225 Armory Drive
    Russellville, KY 42276 

    The Logan County Public Library has partnered with the Kentucky Science Center to bring you fun events and learning all day leading up to the big event. Since the Sun will be partially eclipsed for over an hour before being completely blocked, you must have eclipse glasses to look at it, which we will be providing. We will also be in shadow for 2 minutes and 27 seconds, so if you will be north of Russellville, you are highly encouraged to join us; you’ll have a longer viewing time that way.

    Best of all...Everything is free on a first come, first served basis!

    Doors to the building will open at 7am. Get here early for parking.

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